The project’s general objective is to develop a 3D bioactive magnetic scaffolds based on natural polymers and calcium phosphates, with insertion of SPIONs obtained via biomimetic methods and to prove the functionality on animal model the functionality for the treatment of bone tissue defects.

Objective I.  Obtaining of the biomimetic composites based on biopolymers – calcium phosphates, with insertion of adequate magnetic particles as osteoinductive implants and optimization the composition and biological actives involved

Objective II.  Determine the governing bioactive mechanisms of interaction with 3D magnetic scaffolds and release of them

Objective III.  Elucidate the mechanism of interaction between 3D scaffolds and bone tissue using biomechanical analysis

Objective IV.  Evaluation the bioactive scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration combined with study of the biological molecules influence on the biological properties – in vitro tests

Objective V.  Quantification of the role of scaffolds and bioactives on bone regeneration, with and without magnetic field as local mechanical stress –in vivo tests on animal model